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SM1030 Tunnel type vacuum sulphurizer Sulfur heat setting ma

The machine adopts strong convection hot air and steam to heat and damp the upper surface after stretching. After vacuum suction the stress on the upper surface is even and it can kiss tightly with the planting head. The shaping effect is remarkable



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SM1030 Tunnel type vacuum sulphurizer Sulfur heat setting machine Shoemaking equipment



1. High speed convection of hot air vapor, near infrared line and steam is used to eliminate the inner of the vamp;

2. Vacuum humidity removal setting makes the vamp inosculate with the last;

3. The vacuum extracting time and temperature can be adjusted according to different leather materials;

4. The advanced PLC computer controlled circuit is adopted, providing good human-machine operation interface to make the operation simple and maintenance convenient;

5. Time saving, labor saving, last saving and low noise;

6. Its energy saving is 40% higher than that of traditional vacuum vulcanizing machines;
7. Length can be designed according to the output.


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