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The operation interface is good and practical the whole production line is convenient and flexible and the process performance is good. The high performance NIR near infrared radiation heating is adopted which has the advantages of node and high thermal efficiency. The temperature of upper middle and lower layers can be controlled independently. With the design of movable oven it can quickly adjust the shoemaking process and integrate the sole assembly and forming operation. This production line can design different specifications according to the production requirements of customers to meet the needs of customers



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SM1088 Near infrared Group production line Infrared production line Modular lean production line of shoe factory




1. Using hot air circulation drying tunnel, the first glue dried, the second glue drying, this system is also applicable to water-based glue;

2. Closed heating system, heating quickly, good insulation properties, power saving;

3. Unique air exhaust device which completes exhausting the steam and vapour form the heating oven, To avoid the emission pollution for the working environment. It could be made a safe environment.


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